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Hall Benefits
Your Family In Insurance

With a combination of more than 30 years of Insurance Industry experience, Business ownership, and Senior Level Business Management experience, Hall Benefits, LLC was formed to bring a new standard of Life Insurance sales into the Insurance Industry.

Jason Hall

Since 2014, Jason has been one of the Nation’s top Insurance Producers for a highly rated, fiscally responsible insurance company that has been in business for more than 100 years. Jason continues to be recognized each year with awards, accolades, and honors and has been approached by others who are respected in the industry to teach and mentor Agents. One of Jason’s core values being ‘always help the other person,’ he has thrived in this industry and is excited about the opportunities surrounding Hall Benefits.


Before selling insurance, Jason served our country as a Master at Arms of the United States Navy and was a Military Police Officer, completing his service as a member of the S.W.A.T. team on his Military Base. He followed his Service as a Security Officer and Union President (as a civilian) on a different Military Base for several years.

Tonja held her first business management position at the age of 17 and several years of elite retail management. She is energetic and fearless when it comes to business. For many years she was the owner/operator of a successful contracting company in Park City, Utah, which gave her immeasurable amounts of experience in exclusive customer service, employee training, research, writing, contracts, strict compliance, and so much more - including almost no employee turnover.

Additionally, Tonja has had the opportunity to work with an attorney for 15 years; during this time, she also worked as Director of Compliance for a company that was newly creating Franchising opportunities; she also created their internal website and franchisee communication material. Tonja has a passion for creating unique business solutions that serve clients with the highest of standards while creating an atmosphere that gives team members every opportunity to thrive and enjoy life.

Tonja Hall

Young Family
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