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After several years of selling life insurance, here are some of the most frequent questions our agents get, along with the short answer. We will add to this list regularly. 

If you have a questions you would like answered, please send it in! We're happy to answer your questions!

Q 1.   If I have life insurance through my employer, isn't that enough?

A1.   There are several things to consider about your employer-provided life insurance.

  • Can I take the policy with me if I lose or leave my job?

    • If the answer to this is "No," then not only is this policy not enough, you may be throwing your money away. There are better options.​

  • Is this policy benefit enough coverage for my families needs?

    • This is always a difficult question​ to answer because there are many factors to take into consideration. Many employer provided policies pay out one year to 18 months income. This is not typically considered adequate coverage.

  • Is this policy a "Term" life insurance policy? If yes, how often does it renew and under what terms?

    • A typical employer-provided life insurance policy is written as a 5-year Term policy. And, although it is usually renewable without a health exam, the rates begin to go up because you are aging. ​

  • Is the policy "Convertible"?

    • Some employer provided policies are convertible meaning the owner of the policy is allowed to change it to another type of policy, but this is not always your best option.

Q 2.   How much life insurance do I need?

A2.   There are many factors that are part of this decision. They should each be taken into consideration, given a priority, and then you have a better look at the whole picture.

  • How is our life and lifestyle going to change over the next 10 years or more?

    • Buying life insurance isn't just about today. It's also about what you believe your realistic future looks like. Some policies can change with you as your life and lifestyle change. These are typically a better investment, especially if you are younger and in good health.​

  • What would it take to maintain the lifestyle that we have today - or that I want my family to be able to maintain?​

    • As many as 91% of all widows lose EVERYTHING in the first 12 months of the death of their spouse due to inadequate life insurance.​

    • What are the things in life you don't want your family to lose with the loss of your income?

    • What are the future plans you don't want your spouse or family to have to change with the loss of your income?

    • What debt do you want covered if your family looses your income?

  • Do you have children you want to pay for all or part of college or a wedding?

    • What would the education for each of my children cost? How much would I want to pay for? ​

    • How much money would I want to give each child for their wedding?

  • Are there other things you would want to do for your children?

    • How much money would I want to leave each child to buy a home? to travel? to start a business?​

  • Is there a small business to consider?

  • Are there other expenses to consider?

  • Are there other investments to consider?

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