Life Insurance 101

Learn More About Life Insurance & Making Sound Decisions

Cut through the terminology and learn about life insurance with our easy guides.

We all know how unnerving it can be to do things we don't want to do or don't understand. I don't know many people who like to spend time with their CPA (sorry guys!), go to the Dentist (I actually really DO like to go to the Dentist!), or go through a 15-page contract and make sure they understand what it means and they are okay with everything in it before they sign it.

Life insurance policies are a contract. They are a contract between the payor (the person paying the premiums), the insurance company, and the beneficiary.

The contract language can be difficult to understand, intimidating, lengthy and uncomfortable.

One of the goals of Hall Benefits, LLC is to help educate our clients and the general public. 

Life insurance is important and doesn't have to be the subject you don't want to talk about because you don't understand it.

Over the next weeks and months we will publish short posts about life insurance to break it down into simple terms.

As always, if you have questions, reach out! We're happy to help! You can text or call  (702) 994-7560 and talk directly with our Director of Agent Training. He's the one who trains all of our Agents on our products. You can also email: - and he'll get back to you right away.


In the mean time - read on. We have good information here, and it will keep on coming.


Thanks for trusting us!


Tonja Hall

Hall Benefits, LLC 

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